Hospice Care

The initial impulse in establishing a hospice care was a personal experience with death within a hospital environment. Maybe you experienced it too. Maybe you as well knew people in your surroundings who have lost their fight with a desease. Maybe you still remember these feelings.
Hospice care is designed for people in that period of life when the disease, unfortunately, can not be treated causally. Even in this period health care is much-needed and is rather directed to relieve pain and other symptoms of a seriously ill patient.

The basic ideas of ​​hospice guarantee an ill person that:

  • he won’t suffer unbearable pain
  • his human dignity will be respected in every situation
  • he won’t be left alone in the last moments of his life

The objectives of our facility:

  • to provide relief from pain and other serious symptoms of a disease
  • to improve patient’s quality of life until his last moments
  • to ensure a comprehensive treatment and care, taking into account individual social, psychological and spiritual needs, to be with relatives and persons close to the patient
  • to provide a support system and create conditions so that the patient can live as actively as possible until his final days